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Is your business running your life?

If the rewards of all your hard work aren’t ending up in your pocket, it can feel like you’re going backwards. Working longer and longer hours while life passes you by.

Struggling to maintain a healthy cash flow?
Dreading tax time?
Family life paying the price?

But there’s another way. A better way. 

Using the Profit First cash management system, we can turn your time into money you can actually spend: cold hard cash, not just figures on a balance sheet.

A tried and tested blueprint for the business you need and deserve.

What We Do

We help hard-working tradies achieve financial freedom and a life in balance by tackling your time, team and money challenges.

With the support of tradie mentors, and using game-changing Profit First methods, we’ll help you lay the foundations of good business and take your trade to the next level.  Time-saving systems and processes, solid terms and conditions, financial mastery and the right people helping you to achieve your business goals.

You’ll move from chasing jobs and working round the clock to making real and sustainable profit, with a great team behind you. Structures that will allow you to keep on growing and succeeding – creating a business that works for you. 

If business isn’t shaping up the way you planned, AmazingTradies is here to help. Proven strategies to take your business from stress to success.









Who We Work With

All tradies!

If you use a tool, we can help you!

Some of Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

“With Marcus as my coach I have learned simple concepts that have made a profound positive impact on my business. As he tells me, it is often the little things done well over time that make a HUGE difference to my bottom line. I am seeing the results. I enjoy working with Marcus because he has a light-hearted approach to life and makes business fun. He helps me to believe I can do anything.”

Patrice Lynn

Business Coach

“I have had the assistance of Marcus Kroek as my business coach for the last two and a half years. The growth and satisfaction I have had in this time is the most profitable I have had in all my time in business. I owe the majority of this to Marcus.

To be able to continually set short and long term goals and routinely reach them gives an enormous amount of satisfaction, not to mention financial rewards. This is where Marcus has been invaluable to the way I now conduct business. All the pressures are gone.”

Anthony Cannard

Kingston Kitchens

“Since Marcus coaching my business profit and growth increased beyond my belief that was ever achievable. I was able to reduce my working hours to spend more time with my young children without feeling guilty or losing any income. Best of all I was able to achieve every goal on my 5 year goal list well within the 5 years! Even though when I set them I initially thought I could not possibly achieve them…”

Sharon Jurd

HydroKleen Australia Pty Ltd

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