If you want to get the most out of anything you are involved in you have to be prepared to give that thing your all. Partial commitment produces partial results.

If you are not prepared to commit, don’t get involved in the first place.


Participation. What’s it mean? It means getting involved, being part of what’s going on. And if you are not going to participate in something you get involved in, then why bother getting involved to start with? Everyone’s time is wasted.

And how about if we want to participate at “some level”? Hey that’s great, if you want to play reserve grade rather than first grade.

“You need to put in 150% to your coaching and then you will get 150% back. Don’t expect your coach to do all the work. It’s up to you.”

This comment was made by one of my wonderful clients, Gordon Gilkes of North Shore Dance Studio. Gordon’s comment applies to all aspects of our lives, not just coaching.

If you are only prepared to put in a 75% effort you will not even get a 75% return.

What’s necessary to participate? Well, what do you want out of the relationship?

One of my boys went to a private boarding school for his last 2 years of school. It cost a lot of money to send him there. The school was on 110 acres of riverside land leading into Sydney Harbour. It had an indoor pool, gymnasium, basketball courts and cricket pitch in one complex. It had a theatre for drama productions. It had something like 9 ovals for sport to be played on. They had available to them community service, debating, drama, bands, football in 3 codes, cricket, fencing, basketball, and the list goes on. The accommodation was like small hotel rooms. Each night there were tutors available to help with study. You get the idea. Paying money for my son to attend a great school meant nothing. The only results come through participation and giving.

Guess who did the best at that school. Those who participated in everything they could. And it wasn’t a matter of taking from the school. It was always a matter of being part of the community and giving to the school. The top academic students often were those involved in the top football team and cricket team and rowing team. They gave of themselves to the school and thus got the most back.

Great team members in your business give to the business so the business does well. They get rewarded. Great employers create something worthwhile for their employees and they get rewarded.

Think about this in everything you are doing. Are you putting in the effort, are you giving, or do you just expect a result.

In coaching are you on time, prepared, committed, taking on the responsibility? Or are you waiting for the universe to deliver a result without putting in the hard yards.

Gordon Gilkes added something else. He said “ Coaches need to take on the responsibility that they share in making sure the business is successful so the client puts food on the table for his family and all his employees”. We heard you Gordon. Coaches are very serious about working with you to get results in your business. How serious are you?

Make sure you apply the principle to all areas of your life and you will find a wonderful life.

If you are not prepared to commit, don’t get involved in the first place.

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